Permaculture Planning at Taman Petanu

Permaculture is about working with rather than against nature. 
This page introduces some of the Permaculture plans for Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood, including:
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The Property Border Vegetation Buffer Zone

This green buffer area is situated along the entire boundary to the entrance of the property. The width of the buffer is between 5 and 10 meters, densely planted with trees, shrubs, grasses and reeds. Micro swales run along appropriate areas of the buffer area toward the high side that run at 1:300 toward a filtration pond at the top of the Wetlands Conservation Area. 


These buffers will help to:
  • Filter out chemicals from surrounding rice fields, create privacy and area delineations, support productive useful plants
  • Contamination uptake from gravity fed leaching of potential harmful chemicals from the tip site and rice farming above the property
  • Erosion control
  • Privacy barrier from whatever may develop above the property
  • Productive nutrient and toxin purifying plants incorporated into the species mix along with other useful plants for multiple functions

The Neighborhood Pathways

Functions include:
  • Picks up excess storm water from surface rain and possibly overflow from house tanks
  • If major flood events, this takes this water slowly to the wetlands and out to the river
  • Most of the time the water will infiltrate into the soil
  • Preferably 5 to 10 meters wide so the whole area becomes the major food forest
  • Footpath approximately 1 meter wide that is the top of the swale (see diagram 3 for details)

The River Setback Vegetation Buffer

This green buffer area is situated along the entire length of the property boundary of the cliff edge to the river. 
Functions include:
  • Erosion control from potential landslides
  • Edible and other useful functions incorporated into the species mix
  • Prickly species to deter children from climbing down the cliff
  • Height restriction due to resident’s views
  • Water harvesting into swales
  • Vetivert grass along borders will hold topsoil and uptake water

The Front Entrance

The front entrance of Taman Petanu should give a warm welcoming impression and provide any visitors to the neighborhood with welcome information, security check point and the information they need to get to where they are going.
  • 2 beautiful, large trees with cultural relevance are placed on either side of the road which frame the entrance of the car park
  • Trees could be flowering types such as frangipani, that can supply needs for daily offerings
  • Paring area coverings can feed to water tank storing rainwater for ongoing needs
  • Trellis on top of corrugation so climbing plants can be grown to protect from the heat of the sun and supply food (beans, passion fruit etc) and flowers for beauty and offerings
  • Parking area raised so that drainage from surface water goes into sunken garden beds that ring the car park
  • Large spreading shade trees throughout the area to keep area cool

The Wetland Conservation Area and Storm Water

This area is the main drainage line that now exists on the land
  • A chain of ponds cascades down to the slump area and water released to the river, which slows water down and becomes an attractive feature that could easily incorporate edible species
  • It acts as the main artery for excess water removal from the site as all 3 swales run water to it