Ceremonies & Culture

In Bali all new premises are blessed with a series of ceremonies designed to give thanks, clear negative energies and enhance and maintain the balance between humans, Universal Energies and the environment.

The Ngeruak Ceremony
The Ngeruak Karang ceremony acknowledges a change in function of land, and is a way to give thanks for use of land. As part of the area that is being developed for the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood was previously rice fields, the Ngeruak Ceremony held had a special focus on asking the blessing of the Rice Goddess Dewi Sri. The “Ngeruak Karang“ blessing of Taman Petanu was heldon April 3rd 2011. Click here to see a short film about the ceremony's event.

At a later date, the neighborhood will hold Mecaru Ceremonies - to create balance between humans and nature, and then, before residing in the homes and facilities Melaspas Ceremony, should be conducted. These events purify any negativity from the site, and acknowledge the blessing we have received - this site that we are now the stewards of. ‘Melaspas” is “mala” (negative elements) and ”pas” (cleans/purify), and this ceremony cleanses any remaining negative elements, and “awakens the soul” of the site, to protects residents from negativity and hindrances.