The Permaculture Setback Areas at Taman Petanu

At Taman Petanu Permaculture is used as the approach to designing a robust and sustainable landscape for the neighborhood.
Following are some snapshots of the setback areas designed by Dan & Aaron of Elemental Permaculture for Taman Petanu. 

The principles addressed during the design development included:
  • Considering the slopes and increasing stability / integrity of the landscape
  • Channeling the water movement around the site for maximum use and minimum risk
  • Maximum sizes of your pre-defined building envelopes (by referencing the IMB drawings made)
  • Previously established setback area consideration (most of the current setbacks are reduced for the building guideline)
  • View corridors (ensuring all the fabulous views around the site are viewable)
  • Providing opportunities to make maximum use of both sun and shade at plots
  • Increasing breeze corridors
  • Enhancing plot privacy
  • Considerations for common areas where needed

In the plans below you will see some small red arrows. These refer to the views that are available as cross sections of certain areas of the plan.

Thank you Dan & Aaron!

Common Facilities

Plot No 1 - Petra

Plot No 3 - Maya

Plot No 4 - Avi

Plot No 6 - Meghan

Plot No 8 - Alam Santi

Plot No 10 - Sandhi

Plot No 12 - Vacant

Plot No 14 - Eli

Plot No 16 - Vacant

River access
Master Plan

Common Pool Path area

Plot No 2 - Roderick

Plot No 5 - Yohan

Plot No 7 - Ajay

Plot No 9 - Soma

Plot No 11 - Mel

Plot No 13 - Rick 

Plot No 15 - Vacant

Roundabouts / Lookout areas

Channel to eco-farm between plots 8 & 16