The Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood in Ubud Bali

Taman Petanu is a consciously evolving model community 

that embraces diversity and radiates harmony, respect, innovation, abundance and joy.

The Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood is a beautiful property just 15 minutes south of Ubud, see the neighborhood's location.

The Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood is based on a deep commitment to enhance Bali’s environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability. It is being created to demonstrate a model for sustainable living and community empowerment that upholds the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which balances our harmony with man, nature, and God or Universal Energy. 

The neighborhood includes 20 self contained private plots, supported by a range of common facilities including: waste and wastewater treatment, Permaculture landscaping, pool, playground, barbecue area, amphitheater and pavilion for workshops and events. 

The Neighborhood is designed to provide its residents with:

A warm and safe community environment for:

A creative environment for exploring art including: