TPEN Water Systems Brief

The Taman Petanu Water Systems Brief

Click here to download the brief developed for TPEN Water System Recommendations

A basic overview of the book's contents is listed below:

"Water is Life" - One of the key elements of being "eco" is about where and how we source water, how efficiently we use water, and in what condition water is in by the time it leaves our site. An enormous amount of thought, consideration, debate and design work has gone into developing plans and implementation solutions for the 'best practices' that we feel can be implemented at The Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood. Currently Plot No 1 is being used as "an experimentation ground" for trialling various options and "myth busting" whether or not they are indeed implementable and cost effective.  Click on the image on the left to see a larger version of the schematic of basic system that is described in the brief.

Introduction & Principles of the systems

About Bali’s Water Crisis; Water Conservation; The Volume of Water that can be Saved through practical solutions; Water Quality; Wastewater Treatment; About the Area & Demo Plot’s Climate & Topography; TPEN Overall Site Topography; Rainfall Data past 10 Years; Climate Change Vulnerability Predictions for Bali; Natural Elements Map of the TPEN Site; Basic Principles of Proper Piping; Pipe types & leveling for gravitational flow; Space Efficient Pipe Placement & Multi-functionality of Trenches

Water Sources

Emergency Deep Well Water Supply Lines; Taman Petanu Deep Well Water Supply Master Plan; Schematic Plot 1 Deep Well Water Supply; Line & Water Meter Placement; Rainwater Harvesting Water Supply System; Rainwater Guttering and Downpipes Master Plan & Calculations Example; Roof Material Considerations for Rainwater Harvesting; Rain Water First Flush system; Product Brochure Rainwater Harvesting Fittings

The Water Storage Tank

Rainwater Storage Tank Sizing Calculation Sheet; Pump Room & Water Tank Design; Schematic Pump Room on Plot No 1; Elements included in the pump room; 3D models of water tank, first flush system and pump room under design; Schematic Floating Pump Suction inside Water Tank; The OMRON – low voltage water level sensor controller

Clean Water Supply, Water Use Habits & Hot Water Supply

Schematic Clean Water Supply Lines; Brochure of Selected Water Distribution; Pump; Specifications Water Filtering System; Water Saving Appliances; Water Efficient Clothes Washing Machine; Water Efficient Dish Washing Machine; Water Saving Sanitary Ware by VTO; Schematic Solar Hot Water Panels & Tank Placement at Plot No 1 TPEN; Product Specifications Ariston Hiline Solar Hot Water Heater; Hiline Solar Hot Water Heater Installation Instructions; Product Specifications Polaris Lowline Solar Hot Water Heater; Lowline Solar Hot Water Heater Installation Instructions

Storm & Surface Water Management

The Taman Petanu Permaculture Master Plan for Storm Water considerations; Master Plan Storm/Surface Water Trenches @ Plot No 1; Section Detail of Storm/Surface Water Trenches w/paving on path areas; Schematic of Final Discharge System to; River to Avoid Slope Erosion

Intro to Wastewater Management

Schematic BioFil Tank, Urine Storage Tanks and WWG Placement; Section View & Design Considerations for Wastewater channels - pathways; Wostman Urine Diversion Toilets - how much water they can save!; Wostman Urine Diversion Toilets Installation Guide; Urine Diversion Toilets Dry Composting Model

Urine & Feces Management

Schematic Urine Lines; Schematic Black Water Lines; Calculations used to size the tanks needed for effluent storage & treatment; Urine Storage Tanks Product Brochure Urine Delivery Gravitational Flow Gradient Schematic for Plot No 1; BioFil Tanks; BioFil Tanks Size Options & Price List (as of November 2012); BioFil Tanks Technical Specifications & Installation Guide; BioFil Tank Maintenance with Bio-Antik - Bio Enzymes; BioFil Tanks Water Test from Sucofindo Laboratory; Wastewater Garden®; Schematic of Wastewater Garden® for Plot No 1

Grey Water Treatment System

Schematic Grey Water Discharge from Buildings & Grey Water Garden Master Plan; Grey Water Garden (GWG) Section Detail; Key Components in Grey Water Garden (GWG) Planning & Design; Examples of stepped gardens as Design; Reference for the GWG

Kitchen Water Treatment

Schematic Kitchen Water Discharge Lines from the kitchens & Worm Farms; Worm Farm Kitchen Water Treatment Section Detail; Simple Fact Sheet on Worm Farm Maintenance

Water in the Garden

Garden Irrigation & Urine Decanting for Garden Fertilizer; Schematic Irrigation & Urine; Discharge Lines including Tap Placement; Selecting and properly installing garden Taps; Urine injection into irrigation water