Special Events

Internationally Recognized Permaculture Designer Certification Course

In Kemenuh Bali, October 27th- November 9th, 2012

With acclaimed Permaculture Pioneer and Teacher Robyn Francis


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Permaculture is a worldwide movement of designers, teachers, & grassroots activists working to restore damaged ecosystems & human communities. Permaculture derives practical techniques & principles from the study of natural systems & applies them to earth repair & care.

~ Anon

For over 30 years, Permaculture has forged pathways worldwide towards sustainable living and landuse. Today an estimated 1 million people have completed the Permaculture Design Course in every continent and climatic zone on Earth.

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Did you know...

These challenges will have a dramatic and profound impact on our lives, whether you like it or not. A fresh approach to business, agriculture, and lifestyle is needed to ensure viability and prosperity in the years ahead; this is not only smart thinking but also an essential necessity for those who can read the signs of the times.

Come hear, learn, and experience a proven path that will give you the cutting edge in lifestyle design work and make you part of a growing community of leaders to implement simple and profoundly effective changes in your lifestyle that will affect not only you but also the life of all those who you touch.

Learn to be part of the solution! Set the standards for healthy living through tangible and feasible means.

You will benefit from this course by:

Course contents include:

Language and certification

The course will be run in English and Indonesian, and the tuition fees will provide subsidization for 10 local community farmers and development workers so that they can join the course and start developing Permaculture-based cooperatives and farming systems share their local experiences and perspectives in Permaculture implementation in Indonesia.

All participants that attend all sessions of this course will be certified as Permaculture Designers.

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view.

~ H. Fred Ale

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in adopting, or deepening, their skills for sustainable practices, including creating, enhancing and maintaining productive eco systems, green project developers and people involved in community outreach who want to conserve and improve land and the environment, farmers, landscape professionals, homeowners and others.

Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening - Graham Burnett

About the course

This is a 13-day course in sustainable living systems design for all climates and landscapes. This is an exciting, hands-on course in which participants will join in interactive learning exercises. You’ll make super compost quickly, build soils, analyse sites for greening opportunities, and use Permaculture design in real-world applications for the development of an eco-neighborhood in Bali that will apply to use in your own home, project or community. The course will be held bilingually in English and Bahasa Indonesia and participants will include inspired internationals as well as local farmers from the village of Kemenuh. This course will include lectures, discussions, hands-on work, slide shows and dynamic design activities. The activities will run over a period of 14 days with one day off in the middle of the course. 

Please note that this course is not in residence, and participants will need to independently organize their own accommodation and transport to and from the course location in Kemenuh, Gianyar, Bali. Key design activity will focus on the area surrounding the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood site, click here for a link on where the location is. Feel free to contact us for suggestions of affordable places to stay in the area.

About the master trainer - Robyn Francis

Award-winning international permaculture pioneer, designer, educator, presenter and innovator draws on over 25 years of permaculture work throughout Australia and overseas. Robyn was founding director Permaculture International Ltd (PIL) in 1987, editor of the Permaculture International Journal, designer and creator of Djanbung Gardens, Australia’s leading permaculture centre, and was member of the National Reference Group which developed the Accredited Permaculture Training™ (APT) for Permaulture International. Founder of Permaculture College Australia she continues to break new ground in educating a new generation of highly skilled professional permaculture practitioners and activists.

Course Location

The main site for the course will be in the vicinity of the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood area in Kemenuh, just 15 minutes south of Ubud. As the Kemenuh area provides several opportunities for fascinating hands-on learning activities, site visits will be organized to some key field study locations around the village area during the course.

About the event organizer - Alam Santi

Alam Santi is a Bali-based consultancy group consisting of an international and local combination of consultants, support staff and partners who focus on commercial, residential, and community-driven sustainable property development projects. 

Alam Santi Sustainable Living Design was formed to increase the quality and sustainability of property developments and support the increasingly complex needs of Indonesia's rapid development, starting with the island of Bali and its surrounding areas.

Course cost and payment details

The total course cost is only Rp. 9 million or US$1,000 per participant, which covers the costs for resource materials, tuition fees, and meals and snacks. Please note that travel costs to the training location and accommodation are not included. If you would like us to help you find basic home stay type accommodation in one of the village homes in the area where the course will be held contact us for more details.

To secure your place at this course...

Please fill in the online booking form and then send your course fees to this bank account to secure your place at the course.

Acct Name : PT Alam Santi

Acct. No : 0253466824

Bank : BNI Cabang Ubud

Bank Address : Jl. Raya Ubud, Bali 80571


Once you have made your payment please notify us by e-mailing your transfer receipt to info@AlamSantiDesign.com.

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Once your payment is received we will send you a confirmation about your booking for the course. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

If case of participant cancellation, cancellation fees will apply.

Course materials included

Each participant will be provided with a full set of course resource materials, which include a practical 340 page Permaculture resource manual, and a bilingual (English and Bahasa Indonesia) Permaculture Facilitator’s DVD Rom with films, slide shows, presentations and other references that can be used to further your experience and sharing after the course.

Traditional agriculture was labour intensive, industrial agriculture is energy intensive, and Permaculture-designed systems are information and design intensive. David Holmgren - co-founder of Permaculture