Introduction to the Living Classroom Program

Originally, we started the Living Classroom activities by going into our local school and addressing various subjects to the students, which were very well received by all concerned. Then somewhat miraculously, our plans started to morph into something much bigger and grander, when we had a very generous donation of a recycled wooden building donated to us for the classroom structure. We then sought a small parcel of land to house the building and found something around 300 square metres, which is located adjacent to Taman Petanu Eco-Neighbourhood. The lease was signed to use this land for 20 years and suddenly, with much enthusiasm for what we were creating, and offer of more land appeared and now we have 6000 square metres to create our fish farms, animal husbandry, organic vegetables, and operate the Living Classroom Learning Centre.

Following the successful completion of a Permaculture Design Course supported by Taman Petanu, we now have a professionally designed outline of the eco-farm and all it’s facilities, including the Living Classroom.

Goals of the program

What is the way forward?

    •  To expand the original concept from setting up at the local school, to our own Learning Centre – have school children, parents, farmers, 

        educators and others, come to us

    •  Develop our leased land adjacent to TPEN

    •  Install the building and fit out

    •  Create the organic gardens around the facility based on principles of permaculture

    •  Create a fish farm

    •  Have loads of fun!

Related Updates of the Program

The Learning & Community Outreach Center Area

The site’s ‘Living Classroom Learning Center’ area is the greeting point for the whole eco-farm system. It is the entry point to the larger farm area and the training area location where people come to learn sustainable, organic farming practices. Upon entry, the area’s parking lot serves parking needs for staff, visitors and guests while also converting into an organic farmers market on allocated days. read more

The SD Negeri 1 Kemenuh (Government Primary School No1 of Kemenuh Village) is located in Banjar Sumampan, Desa Kemenuh, Gianyar, Bali.  This local Balinese Primary School, situated in a small village between Ubud and Denpasar, has 6 classes (grades 1 through 6), with student ages ranging from 6 through 13 years of age. read more

Donation Update : End Of November 2012

This wonderful program provides opportunities for building life long friendships, and cross-cultural sharing, filling some in some of the gaps that rapid globalization has created with mutual, shared vision for a better, healthier, more understanding and caring world of inspired global citizens So sit back, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to visit this site for regular updates. read more