Green Construction

Green Construction Materials and Guidelines

In early 2011 a study of locally available materials resulted in a list of recommended construction materials for the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood. 

The selection of materials for the neighborhood is, to the greatest degree possible following the Indonesian Green Building Council’s GREENSHIP guide. They are selected against their performance in environmentally friendliness; renewability; durability; economic viability; that they create healthy spaces; are not depletable; are recyclable; and are sourced as close as possible to the site.

The principles of materials & finishes selection includes:

Following are some of the guiding document that have been developed based on the studies conducted and member discussions...

Green Construction Guideline

The development of the neighborhood is designed to follow 'eco-logical' principles, including use of renewable resources, working as much as possible in harmony with the natural features of the property, and building with environmental, community and cultural awareness. All Members are required to develop their private residences within the framework of these guidelines. The Taman Petanu common facilities will also provide great examples of these principles and techniques.

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Green Building Council of Indonesia's GREENSHIP Rating Tool

 In January 2011, The Green Building Council of Indonesia published the GREENSHIP Rating Tool to provide guidance for green construction of buildings and to evaluate and determine green achievements, prior to green building certification. It is a tailored to the Indonesian context and is principles are incorporated into the standards for the Taman Petanu neighborhood. 

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Construction Materials Catalogue

 This catalogue is used as a guide for the selection of construction materials at the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood for planning the construction of buildings and facilities at the neighborhood. It covers, key considerations in materials selection and recommendations for Walls & Woods, Interiors Options, Exteriors Options, Landscapes (hardscapes), Pool & pool area and some Garden features. All materials are being selected so that to the greatest degree possible they follow Indonesia’s Green Building Council’s GREENSHIP guide and are environmentally friendly; renewable; durable; economic; create healthy spaces; not depletable; recyclable; and sourced as close as possible to the site. 

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Building Materials Survey Report

This report, produced by project volunteer Ben Walters, looks at local Bali architecture, green considerations and appropriate technology. It provides recommendations about 67 building materials (or uses for items) that graded well against environmentally friendliness; proximity of source to project site; renewability; durability; economics; health; depletability; and recyclability.

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