Eco Principles in Action

Eco Principles in Action

The neighborhood's Eco Principles in Action are outlined in detail in various sections of the 'Development Plans' and 'Our Local Community' sections of the website. Following are some quick links to some of the key aspects of how the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood is developing itself to be a model of good development in Bali.

Permaculture Plans

Permaculture is about working with rather than against nature. This page introduces some of the Permaculture plans for Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood, including the vegetative buffers, wetland conservation area and other applications of the Permaculture principles. Learn more...

Sustainable Materials

Materials for the neighborhood construction are selected against their performance in environmentally friendliness; renewability; durability; economic viability; that they create healthy spaces; are not depletable; are recyclable; and are sourced as close as possible to the site.

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Working with water

This page provides an overview of the neighborhood's water management plans including: rainwater harvesting; water resource management; the neighborhood's water channeling paths; the planned natural swimming pool.

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The Planned Eco Farm

To the immediate south of the Neighborhood is a banana plantation, which is being considered for development as a small farm that will supply daily needs of the Taman Petanu members.

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Wastewater Management

This page covers some of the eco-logical solutions that are being developed for the neighborhood's wastewater management to: optimize environmentally sound use of water; and convert our ‘human wastes’ into valuable resources on site.

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Waste Management Issue

On the main road leading to the Taman Petanu location these is an informal, unregulated dumpsite. Informal dump sites like these are common in Bali. Alam Santi has done a preliminary assessment, and is currently supporting the local community in their efforts to resolve the issue. Learn more...