Shared Facilities Plans

The Common Facilities Master Plan

The Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood’s common facilities are designed to provide those living in and visiting the neighborhood with services that will help reduce their environmental impact / carbon footprint, while providing the neighborhood’s inhabitants with a range of holistic lifestyle facilities. The cost of developing and maintaining the common facilities is shared by all of the neighborhood’s members. 

The facilities are being designed to meet the needs of the neighborhood’s young and not-so-young members, increase efficiency of the neighborhood, and demonstrate sustainable living practices for the wider Banjar Sumampan community and beyond.

As these shared facilities are collectively owned by all the neighborhood's members, they are being built based on neighborhood members' budget and priorities. As costs of construction and selected materials are weighed against member's wishes the plans for which facilities are built first are adjusted accordingly.

Included in the neighborhood’s master plan are: 

• Social and recreational facilities (see site plan below)

Permaculture Gardens integrated into the Neighborhood

• Environmentally friendly and efficient power and water supply

• Environmentally sound systems for water and waste water treatment

• Efficient water collection, storage and usage systems

• Integrated systems for solid waste management

• Share vehicle transportation systems

Organic food supply

• Safety measures and equipment (security, fire fighting, etc)

• Creative arts centers for artistic exploration (amphitheater etc

Common Facilities Design Details

Draft 3D modeling of the TPEN Common Facilities plans under consideration/development

Here's a few rough draft 3D models of the layout that we are currently aiming for for the main structures of the common facilities.

The Taman Petanu Group is still in the process of costing the design and adding final touches and seeing which elements we are able to manifest with our shared budget, which construction is now underway. For some images of works underway at the Taman Petanu site at this time click here to view a few slide shows. Enjoy the little tour below and envision living here with us! It is going to be so much fun.

The roundabout when you first arrive...

The reception area with a community notice board on the walkway down to the warung/cafe...

The 2 story warung / cafe 

View of the upstairs level of the cafe where the community shop is located

Another view of the cafe....

The fabulous view from the cafe balcony which overlooks the amphitheater...