Introduction to the Taman Petanu Eco Farm

The Taman Petanu Eco Farm as part of our Community Outreach activities

One of the goals of Taman Petanu is to demonstrate how housing developments (which are mushrooming up all over Indonesia and many other parts of the world) can be established in a way that strengthens local community relations and local economies, while minimizing negative impacts on local environments. There are certain things that people need every day, and one of them is food. Worldwide, modern agriculture is well recognized as one of the most highly polluting industries in our world today, meanwhile, with limited access to direct markets and training in sustainable agriculture, small scale farmers in Indonesia are generally struggling to make ends meet.

The Taman Petanu Neighborhood Group is currently in the process of establishing an 'Eco Farm' directly adjacent to the neighborhood's location. With an estimated 70+ people living at the neighborhood, we, ourselves represent a viable target market for, for direct sales of products generated at the farm, while also using the farm's activities as a public education and lobbying tool, "when people see it works it spreads".

The TPEN Eco Farm will provide the neighborhood’s members with regular supply of high quality organic food for their families, while also supporting the local economy and the spread of sound organic practices in the area. This strategy has multiple benefits; including good health of the neighborhood’s members and wider community, enhanced community relations, and environmental rehabilitation in the surrounding area.

The land for the initial area that will be developed is owned by a lovely Balinese family from our local community, Pak Bek and his son Nyoman Eva who are very happy to join us in this initiative and looking forward to working together on plans.

The preliminary site that will be developed include:

The Eco Farm's Plan was developed In October 2012 in direct consultation with several farmers / landowners in the direct vicinity of TPEN. 

Facilitation of the plan’s development was conducted during a 2-week Taman Petanu Permaculture Designer’s Course, lead by Robyn Francis, an award-winning international permaculture pioneer, designer, educator, presenter, innovator and founder of Permaculture College Australia, see some pics here from this wonderful event :)

Components of the plan include both  the Permaculture Farm, Living Classroom Center & Demonstration Site.

Here are a few now archived preliminary plans for the farm - thanks so much to Dan & Aaron from Elemental Permaculture for their support in developing the following initial analysis of the Taman Petanu Eco Farm plans. Click on the images below to see or download a larger view.

Aside from the farm itself, the Alam Santi has conducted a local community assessment to look at what products are currently produced int he area that are in alignment with the neighborhood's residents vision for supporting healthy lifestyles that in turn support healthy environments. Click here to view or download the resulting report

The farm is being planned to generate sustainable livelihoods for local suppliers by supplying the neighborhood with fresh organically grown produce, including: Fruits; Vegetables; Herbs and Flowers; Aquaculture; Meat Poultry and Eggs; Coconuts and Mushrooms.

Small facilities for produce value adding and support for the development of a local farmer’s market is also being discussed as part of the area's development plan. Local production and value adding production facilities could also supply:

Random & Spontaneous Events - Straight from the Heart!


Click this video to watch a short flick recorded when Michel & Jude Fanton from the Seed Savers Network joined us at Taman Petanu to do an introductory course in seed saving with Taman Petanu members and local community farmers...

Thanks so much Michel & Jude!!

If you are interested in helping with the research planning and development stage of the farm please contact us for more details.